Safety in a Brave New World.

Helping you safely reopen your doors.

The world has changed, and all of us with it. In the face of Covid-19, businesses are learning to operate as never before in the new normal. And while that can be daunting, delivers vetted guidance from experts to help you meet the challenge of conducting business. From reporting on emerging, approved technologies for testing and tracking Covid-19 — including immunity testing — to changing legislation, you get essential information to help you safely operate your business.

Find a way forward.

We are a resource of aggregated information created as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. With a vaccine or cure still a way off, the goal is to provide guidelines in the interim; the aim is to protect your staff and assure your customers they can safely patronize your venue. Guidelines intended to help you take specific measures to provide safe access, all of which are continually evolving. On this site and its links, you’ll find resources for assistance through this unprecedented transition. In short, to help find a way forward. 

Healthcare first. Venues next. 

Always, the safety of frontline healthcare workers takes priority. Any scarce technology must first be made available to doctors, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare workers. Once the healthcare demand has been met, the intention is that technologies can then be produced at scale so businesses can benefit.

Curating a vast realm of developments and data.

We endeavor to curate extensive developments and data, making sense of vital information through the lens of venue operators. Our team provides easily-understood content that addresses key areas of concern for businesses like yours. While we don’t claim to have all the solutions, we work diligently to capture the latest updates and emerging technologies from the tsunami of information. All of which is derived by following reliable sources.

Science and immunity screening.

Chief among the recent screening developments are immunity or serology tests (LINK TO PAGE). People verified to be immune or not carrying the virus may receive an immunity passport — or immunity certificate — enabling safe entry to public premises. What does this make possible? Assurance for everyone. Immunity protects both the customer and your staff by verifying that whomever has been screened and approved does not have the virus, and is safe to patronize your venue.

Changing technologies. Unwavering dedication.

Throughout this evolution, the technologies change but our dedication is unwavering. Know that exists to help protect you and your company as you get back to business. We believe that by providing fact-based information, we can offer the most value. As a business owner or operator, chances are you’ve got plenty on your plate. We’re here to lessen the load.

Follow the experts. 

We closely follow multiple trusted sources, among them the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the world’s most respected medical experts and scientists. We’ll continue to report the details on academic findings and technologies as they become available including approvals, cost, timelines, production and more. Our aim is to bring you scientific updates and commentary from the top people in the field. Through it all, we’re committed to earning your trust every day.